Loco Lobo Photographic Arts (Loco-Lobo.com) was started in 2004 by Scott Chesney as an outgrowth of his life-long passion for photography. Scott is a prize winning photographer who has been sharing his vision of the world around him for more than 30 years.
For the last several years, he has focused, so to speak, on sled dogs, wild Alaska and the natural world that is threatened by climate change and "progress". He photographs competitions and events which push the limits of what has been considered possible in the past, and those which celebrate and strengthen the bond between humans and their natural-world partners.

He has been widely published in periodicals such as Mushing Magazine, The Chicago Tribune, Yukon News, L'aurore boréale, the Strathspey Herald, and Neue Westfaelische. He has covered sled dog races like the Yukon Quest and Quest 300, the Cantwell Classic, Open North American Championship, the Serum Run, and the Two Rivers 200, and many others.

He maintains a kennel of some 20-odd sled dogs and enjoys traveling the winter trails in the Interior of Alaska.